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Protecting the interests of members

Stronger credit unionscode

ABCUL has developed the Code of Governance for Credit Unions. This has been an important tool in the effort to develop and grow the sector; providing resources and guidance to credit unions. The Code strengthens credit unions internal structures, their accountability to members and stakeholders and aims to complement the regulatory framework for credit unions. 

Compliance and Continuity

The credit union strives to ensure compliance and transparency with the requirements of the law, the regulator and members of the credit union and takes steps to safeguard the future of the credit union.

Integrity and Accountability

The credit union strives to maintain the integrity of elected individuals, staff and the credit union both as a financial provider and an ethical co-operative business, and in doing so aims to maintain accountability to all of its stakeholders.

Skills and Ability

The Board and Senior Management must ensure that all those involved in the operation of the credit union will have the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to operate the credit union successfully.

Structure and the Principles of Good Governance

The credit union must develop and maintain an accessible, clear and co-operative structure.

Click here to view the code

Are you a credit union?  Download the Code, register on the site, use templates and resources, assess your compliance and tell your members you are signed up to the code.  Tell us if you are using the code and we will publish your credit union name on this site.  

Member, funder or supporting organisation?  You can check on this site if your credit union is signed up to the Code of Governance or follow the links and learn more about credit unions and governance.