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Mutual & Ethical Savings

Credit unions make it easy to save. counter

Even a small amount saved each week will soon mount up.

  • Credit unions serve the community. So when you invest in your local credit union you know it’s your neighbours or colleagues who are benefiting, not outside shareholders.
  • You can save as much or as little as you like, weekly, monthly or as often as you wish.
  • Deposit savings at local branches, shops, collection points, by direct debit or directly from your wages.
  • Credit unions aim to pay a dividend on savings once a year to all members. Depending on performance this can be as much as 8% of the total amount saved.

In many credit unions life insurance is included at no extra cost, making it easy to build up a useful nest egg. On the death of a member savings can be doubled by the insurance and paid to whoever the member chooses. (subject to conditions)

“Savings are taken straight from my wages with Commsave - it's just so easy. I can't believe how quickly it mounts up”
Commsave Credit Union member

All money saved in a credit union is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to £85,000.