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ABCUL attend Employees Benefits Live 18 to promote Work Not Worry


05 Oct 18

This week, ABCUL staff attended Employee Benefits Live 18 (EBL), the largest employee benefits convention in Europe, to promote the ABCUL Employer Engagement Campaign ‘Work Not Worry’.

Work Not Worry was created to raise awareness of financial well-being in the workplace and encourage more employers to establish new relationships with their local credit union.

Head of Policy & Communications at ABCUL, Matt Bland described this week’s event as “a perfect opportunity to showcase the positive impact credit unions have when partnering with employers & employees”.

Employee Benefits Live takes place over two days and brings together thousands of benefits, reward and HR professionals to learn and network with organisations that can offer their staff a better working experience.

What struck Matt was the desperate need for employers to address the subject of financial well-being in the workplace. Matt said: “It was clear almost immediately that financial wellbeing in the workplace is at the top of employer’s agendas.

“Most conversations ABCUL staff had with delegates at EBL involved how to provide a financial wellbeing strategy in its workplace. A need for a financial education and a safe place to create saving habits is what employers want for their staff”.

Matt continued to express the importance of credit unions meeting with employers and raising awareness in its community about the benefits of a credit union partnership. He said: “Despite the demise of Wonga in recent months, there are plenty of expensive lenders out there and the threat of falling into a debt trap is very real for many workers..

“There was lots of engagement with people who found the credit union model ideal for what they wanted to provide to their people, especially with the ‘save as you borrow’ method. As a sector, we must continue to market ourselves as an ethical alternative to high-cost lenders and as a means of preventing people from falling into unmanageable debts.

“Credit unions have a great deal to offer to society in general and continue to grow, with almost 2 million members now in the UK. Work Not Worry is a great example and template for credit unions to market themselves to employers and reach an audience that still has little knowledge of the sector despite our track record”.

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