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ABCUL launches new Young Professionals Network


15 Mar 19

ABCUL’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) launched last weekend at our Annual Conference and welcomed 35 individuals from credit unions across Britain to meet, learn and share.

With generous support from Dr Brandi Stankovic the inaugural event was described by ABCUL Chief Executive Robert Kelly as, “an inspiring session which is a pivotal point for our movement to shape the bright future ahead.”

The YPN’s mission is to provide a robust and dynamic environment for young credit union professionals to connect, learn and live the sector’s cooperative values enabling them to develop into credit union leaders and retaining their talent within the British movement. 

Participants discussed, engagement, accountability, motivating the young and driving strategic initiatives and had a special focus on personal leadership development, coaching and emotional intelligence.

Robert Kelly added: “I would like to thank all participants who involved themselves in the inaugural YPN meeting and especially to, Brandi Stankovic, who filled not only those attending the session, but all conference delegates with enthusiasm and excitement for our bright future.

“It was amazing to see so many young professionals representing their credit unions and adding such value to a fantastic weekend.”

Head of Member Services, Rosanna Donovan looks forward to the development of the network and plans to host its second event in the summer. Rosanna said: “Equipping credit union personnel with the skills, experiences and tools they need to advance their personal and professional development is critical to the future success of our sector. I am delighted to be working with a volunteer Steering Committee of dedicated colleagues to make this network a reality and a permanent fixture for our movement.

“The support of credit union managers and boards to enable their staff to attend the event demonstrates the enthusiasm for this initiative and a collective commitment to ensuring we have the best possible talent driving our sector forward.”

Steering Committee Members:

Aimee Hastings – 1st Class Credit Union

Nicola Dobson – NHS Credit Union

Paul Norgrove – Police Credit Union

Luke McGilvray – 1st Class Credit Union

Debbie Smith-Hands – Pennine Community Credit Union

For anyone who would like to be involved in ABCUL’s Young Professional Network, please get in touch by contacting:

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