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Thumbs up from Commsave members


22 Jul 16

Commsave Credit Union has scored 97% satisfaction in its annual member survey.

2,000 of the credit union’s members took the time to complete the survey, and when asked, “Overall, how satisfied are you with Commsave?”, a massive 97% gave a positive response – with 81% giving top marks as “Very satisfied”.

Commsave Director Richard Munro said: “Having 97% of our members very satisfied or satisfied is a fantastic result. It shows that the hard work and commitment our staff show day in day out is truly appreciated by our members.”

The results of the survey – which also covered communication, digital services, products and members services – will be fed in to the credit union’s annual strategy and business planning workshop being held at the end of this month. 

Commsave Chief Executive Amanda Ivey said: “Using feedback from members, we have already been able to introduce improvements. We recently launched our new website and we have started opening on Saturdays too. This demonstrates to members that we are responsive to their suggestions and ideas. 

“We revamped our loan offering based on feedback from last year’s survey, and so we’re delighted that this year, 97% of members said that our products and services suit their needs.”

Commsave Credit Union serves 17,000 members who work in the communications industry across Britain and are saving £27 million and borrowing £24 million from their credit union. Commsave has assets worth £35 million, and last year paid a highly competitive 2% dividend to savers.

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