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Forum Officers plan more activity


23 Aug 16

ABCUL Forum Officers from across Britain have gathered to plan more local activity for the year ahead.

ABCUL organises 11 Forums across Britain; one for Scotland, one for Wales, and nine regional Forums across England. All credit unions affiliated to ABCUL can attend their local Forum meetings, and some credit unions that serve members in different parts of the country choose to affiliate to more than one.

The ABCUL Forum Officers Conference in Cheshire was an opportunity for the volunteers elected to run the Forums to get together to share learning, experience and ideas for making these local gatherings even more valuable for credit unions.

Last year’s event saw discussion of how Forums might benefit from more administrative support and input from ABCUL staff, and this year’s conference was an opportunity to assess – and celebrate – the success of this new approach to organising local meetings.

ABCUL Head of Member Services Rosanna Donovan said: “There was a consensus among the Forum Officers at the conference that the last few months have seen local ABCUL Forums revitalised – and in some cases, completely reborn.

“We know our members really value being part of the ABCUL ‘club’, and Forums are the place where you can meet fellow members every few months to socialise, share and learn together.

“We’re delighted that so many credit unions have seen a big improvement in the quality and value of Forum meetings this year. If a credit union hasn’t sent anyone to a Forum meeting for a long time, now’s the perfect time to come back.”

Every credit union in Britain can attend their local ABCUL Forum meeting when they join the Association. Full details of Forum meetings can be found here.

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