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Learning from the World Conference


07 Sep 16

British delegates to the recent World Credit Union Conference have been sharing what they learned from the event.

This summer’s gathering in Belfast saw the highest ever number of British delegates to a World Credit Union Conference make the short trip to Northern Ireland to network, share and learn with over 1,800 fellow credit union delegates from 55 countries.

ABCUL has pulled together delegates’ feedback into five key things we learned for the British credit union movement:

We need to engage and drive young adult membership growth

We’ve got to change the way we deliver our marketing and our services to attract young adults – they are the future of our credit unions and younger people are much more likely to borrow.

Defending against cyber crime should be a high priority

The scale of cyber crime and the reports of the different ways this is happening are frightening. It is not a matter of "IF" we will have to deal with a data or system breach but "WHEN", and the fact that nearly 90% of all breaches are down to human error highlights how we all need to be aware of the risks.

Size isn’t everything

Being a minnow amongst the giants of the credit union world made no difference when it came to the issues that face us today. Sharing our successes and challenges is what makes credit unions unique. What other industry collaborates and shares to this level?

When all is said and done, it’s about how we serve our members and the values behind everything we do. Whatever our balance sheet, employee head count or technology, we all operate under the same banner of trying to serve members in an ever more competitive and challenging environment.

Co-operation is hard – but it’s also vital

It was inspiring to hear what other credit union sectors have achieved through working together, especially when it comes to the services they are able to provide to their members as a result. However, every single country acknowledged how much better they could be at collaborating and reminded us just how hard it can be sometimes – yet it really is worth it.

We’re part of a global family of credit unions

Whatever differences we do have with our colleagues at home or in other countries, we share a huge amount in common and the willingness of people from around the globe to share success and challenges with each other reminds us we are part of a global co-operative community.

With thanks to our contributors: Richard Munro (Commsave Credit Union), Karen Bennett (Enterprise Credit Union), Chris Canham (Hoot Credit Union), Kathryn Fogg and Gerard Spain (both Pennine Community Credit Union).

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