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HI-Scot celebrates tenth birthday


12 Oct 16

HI-Scot Credit Union is celebrating ten years serving people in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Since opening its doors as Western Isles Credit Union in 2006, the credit union has expanded to also serve anyone who lives or works in the Highland region, Orkney and Shetland. It now serves over 2,600 people across the Highlands and Islands. 

At its head office in Stornoway, HI-Scot’s tenth birthday party highlighted its offering for all generations, with the commemorative cake being cut by the credit union’s oldest member, William Macleod (who is 93), while two of the credit union’s youngest members were also present for the celebration – George Murray with his father Gordon and Toby Ross-Jordan with his parents Gary and Janet (all pictured). 

HI-Scot Credit Union Vice Chair Roddy Johnston said: “The credit union is a safe and wonderful place for people to keep their money because it is owned by its own members and it works for the members. It has done ten years of great work.” 

In its Western Isles base, HI-Scot is an established alternative to the mainstream banks. HI-Scot has enabled much of the local workforce to get around by approving over 500 loans for motor vehicles.

Across the wider Highlands and Islands, HI-Scot has processed loan applications worth over £8 million and taken deposits from members of over £11 million.

Serving such a large geographical area including many rural communities and places with limited transport links, significant investment has been made in the HI-Scot online presence which now sees members joining and transacting with the credit union from the comfort of their own homes. This has improved accessibility and is expected to see significant growth in member numbers, particularly across the Highlands and the Orkney Islands.

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