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Credit union expands to serve Norfolk


13 Oct 16

People living, working or studying anywhere in Norfolk can now join Norwich Credit Union.

Previously only open to people in “NR” postcode areas in the city of Norwich, membership of the credit union is now open to the whole of Norfolk, including to people who live, work or study in “IP” and “PE” postcodes.

Norwich Credit Union President Jon Warne said: “This is great news for anyone living or working in Norfolk who has been unable to join the credit union until now. This means we can now offer our range of savings and affordable loan services to people across the county.

“Outside of Norwich, we’ll trade under the name Norfolk Save & Borrow to increase awareness of our services.”

The new common bond approved by the Financial Conduct Authority means Norwich Credit Union is not only now open to anyone who lives, works or studies in Norfolk, but is also authorised to serve small groups based in the county, such as allotment societies, scouts groups and local charities.

Members can use payment cards to make deposits at any Post Office and many local shops, and the credit union also offers online balance checking and a prepaid debit card.

Norwich Credit Union was established in 1989 and has made loans worth nearly £1.5 million to local people over the years. The credit union serves more than 700 members, and is now looking forward to serving even more people right across Norfolk.

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