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Forum conference marks ICU Day


26 Oct 16

Over 100 people have gathered in Kensington for a special conference to mark International Credit Union Day.


The event, held last Saturday by the ABCUL London & South East Forum, attracted credit union delegates from across the region and beyond to hear a range of speakers talk about the challenges and opportunities for the credit union movement and its prospects for future growth and success.


ABCUL Chief Executive Mark Lyonette delivered the opening keynote address looking at the British credit union movement in an international context and previewing some of the new services and innovations which ABCUL members can look forward to in this new credit union year.


Delegates than had the chance to attend three seminars over the course of the day from a choice of nine, with themes including financial management, lending decisions, accounting standards, cyber security and “the authentic credit union difference”.


Seminars were delivered by guest speakers from ABCUL, Cornerstone Mutual Services and CUNA Mutual, as well as by key personnel from North London Credit Union, London Capital Credit Union, Lewisham Plus Credit Union and NFRN Credit Union sharing their knowledge and expertise with the movement.


ABCUL Chief Executive Mark Lyonette said: “ABCUL’s regional and national Forums have been getting stronger throughout this year, so it seemed very apt to mark International Credit Union Day with such an exceptionally well attended Forum event in London.


“We know how much value credit unions get from meeting up and sharing their perspectives, experiences and best practice examples. This excellent event was a great tribute to everyone on the ABCUL London and South East Forum and a great example of those principles we celebrate on International Credit Union Day which contribute to our “authentic difference” – ongoing education and co-operation among co-operatives.”

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