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Pentecostal CU on Songs of Praise


05 Jan 17

The Pentecostal Credit Union is to feature on the BBC’s Songs of Praise.

The credit union, which serves individuals who practise the Pentecostal faith and their families as well as Pentecostal church groups and businesses, will appear on the BBC’s flagship religious programme on Sunday 8 January at 1.15pm on BBC One.

The theme of this edition of the programme is Escaping Debt, and it explores how people’s faith has helped them – and inspired them to help others – avoid or recover from financial difficulties.

The programme looks at The Pentecostal Credit Union’s work as a Christian credit union, and particularly focuses on their work delivering financial education for young people through their Money wise workshops and their Youth Shadow Board.

The credit union’s Youth Shadow Board consists of junior members aged between 11 and 18 who make proposals and suggestions about how the credit union might improve the products and services it provides, particularly with a view to attracting more young members to join.

The Youth Shadow Board had the idea for a music video to reach out to young people with financial education messages, and GimmeDat was released last October along with Christian rapper Tneek. The track looks at how materialist some young people can be and encourages them to think again about how they spend their money and become ‘money wise’ instead.

The Pentecostal Credit Union’s Chief Executive Shane Bowes said: ‘’We don’t want young people to fall into the trap of not being financially aware.  We have to help our youth plan for their financial future.’’

The Pentecostal Credit Union is the largest faith-based credit union in Britain. Having last year celebrated its 35th birthday, the credit union has grown its assets over the years to become one of the largest in the country.

Songs of Praise is broadcast across Britain at 1.15pm on Sunday, and will afterwards be available on the BBC iPlayer.

The credit union made its own “behind the scenes” video during filming for the programme, which you can watch here.

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