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First CU Futures graduate


14 Mar 17

The CU Futures Class of 2017 have celebrated their graduation from the programme.

CU Futures is the innovative programme run in partnership by ABCUL and the Credit Union Foundation and sponsored by Citi Foundation to support and develop young people across the British credit union movement.

The programme has included modules from the ABCUL Academy, the London Institute of Banking and Finance’s Certificate in Credit Union Professional Conduct, the Pacific Institute’s Investment in Excellence course, and the opportunity to attend events with stakeholders at Westminster and in Scotland, as well as the World Credit Union Conference in Belfast. Finally, candidates worked on a group project towards addressing challenges facing the credit union sector.

The graduation ceremony for the inaugural class was the closing celebration at the ABCUL Annual Conference in Manchester, as the future leaders received their scrolls and the appreciation of more than 350 conference delegates. Over £1,000 was donated towards the programme by delegates over the weekend, with a further £6,500 pledged. And the Credit Union Foundation accepted an incredibly generous donation of US$50,000 over 5 years towards its educational activities from Peach State Federal Credit Union, whose President and CEO Marshall Boutwell had travelled from Georgia, USA to speak at the ABCUL conference.

The graduates from the CU Futures Class of 2017 are:

Emma Cameron (HI-Scot Credit Union)

Amie Ellis (Derbyshire Community Bank)

Lauren Foley (Hull & East Yorkshire Credit Union)

Nick Froud

Kirsty Gallagher (Central Liverpool Credit Union)

Aimee Hastings (1st Class Credit Union)

Jonathan Juppet (East Sussex Credit Union)

Ruksana Kauser (Calderdale Credit Union)

Matt London (London Capital Credit Union)

Nathan McNaught (Advance Credit Union)

Natalie McQuade (NHS Credit Union)

Janet Palmer (Lewisham Plus Credit Union)

Joe Platt (South Manchester Credit Union)

Daniel Peers (Enterprise Credit Union)

Diego Quiroga Martinez (Crownsavers)

Nicola Saunders (1st Alliance (Ayrshire) Credit Union)

Debbie Smith-Hands (Pennine Community Credit Union)

Danny Thomas (Norwich Credit Union)

Johanna Williamson (TransaveUK)

The winning group project was delivered by the team of Natalie McQuade, Nathan McNaught, Nick Froud and Lauren Foley, who will now travel to Dublin as guests of the Irish League of Credit Unions for a study trip, and Ruksana Kauser was chosen as the first Ambassador to the Credit Union Foundation Board of Trustees to represent young people and bring forward new ideas.

Chair of the Credit Union Foundation Liz Barclay said: “This programme has been a fantastic opportunity for young people across our sector and we are very grateful to Citi Foundation for their support of CU Futures. Thank you especially to Rachael Barber for her tireless efforts to champion CU Futures both with Citi Foundation and Citi Group.

“There has historically been a lack of comprehensive development support within the British credit union sector and CU Futures is addressing this problem. One of the key aims is retaining young talent and equipping them with the relevant skills and knowledge to manage credit unions and support sustainability and succession planning for the sector.

“There has been continued demand from ABCUL credit unions, and Credit Union Foundation Trustees have pledged their support to this programme to provide structured, long-term career development for young people and build confidence in their skills and abilities.”

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