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ABCUL inSight making a difference


28 Apr 17

More and more credit unions are taking advantage of ABCUL inSight - the business intelligence tool tailored for credit unions.

ABCUL unveiled the new tool – which is free and available to all credit unions in Britain when they join the Association – at the 2016 ABCUL Annual Conference, and in the year since, all of ABCUL’s member credit unions are able to use ABCUL inSight to analyse and benchmark their credit union’s annual performance.

And more and more credit unions are now taking full advantage of ABCUL inSight to monitor their quarterly or even monthly data. Credit unions undertaking ‘additional activities’ and therefore monitoring a set of the Prudential Regulation Authority’s prescribed ratios can do this through ABCUL inSight.

The development of ABCUL inSight was supported by the Credit Union Foundation with sponsorship from Citi Foundation, and this powerful tool allows credit unions to monitor and benchmark their business using key financial ratios – with the data presented in a clear, user-friendly format.

ABCUL Head of Member Services Rosanna Donovan said: “For years, this sort of service was something our members were asking the Association to provide, so we’re delighted to see ABCUL inSight becoming an invaluable tool for so many credit unions of all sizes across Britain.

“The ability to easily track and measure the credit union’s performance means better data to inform business decisions and planning. So ABCUL inSight is making a real positive difference to the running of credit unions across the country.”

To help credit unions get to grips with ABCUL inSight and to make the most of the information it can provide, ABCUL is offering all its members a free ABCUL inSight coaching session where a member of the ABCUL team can talk through its functionality, give "how to" guidance and tips, and answer any questions. For more information about ABCUL inSight or to book a coaching session, please call 0161 832 3694 or email

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