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General election comment: June 9, 2017


09 Jun 17

Matt Bland, Head of Policy and Compliance at ABCUL, said: "Following the general election, it will be some time before we have a clear idea about the final make-up of the new government. It's also possible that we could see another election in the near future.

"Whatever the outcome, ABCUL's policy team will engage directly with the new government once it is formed to highlight the important role that credit unions play. We will be liaising with all MPs to encourage them to join the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Credit Unions (APPG), the main vehicle through which we raise awareness in Parliament of the positive work of the credit union sector to support the financially vulnerable.

"We will continue to push for reform of the Credit Unions Act so that our members can develop new products and services, the maintenance of proportionate regulation and continued support for capital investment in the development of credit unions.

"Most of the APPG officers have been returned, including Seema Kennedy, Chair and MP for South Ribble. Sadly Mark Durkan MP for Foyle will not be returning and we would like to thank him for hugely valuable contribution to the sector. We look forward to working with the reformed APPG once the new Parliament is in session."

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