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US delegation visits Britain


26 Jun 17

Credit union leaders from the US State of Georgia have visited their counterparts in Britain.

The delegation from Georgia Credit Union Affiliates (GCUA) and 7 of their members travelled to Britain as part of ABCUL's formal World Council International Partnership with GCUA which was launched last year.

The visit started in London, where the American guests received a private tour of the Houses of Parliament and dinner in the Churchill Room, hosted by Lord Hunt of Wirral.

There was then an opportunity for sightseeing in the capital city before a meeting with colleagues from some of Britain’s largest credit unions at King’s College London, followed by a private tour of the Bank of England.

The guests then travelled to different parts of the country to spend time with their own partner credit unions. Further events included a meeting with the Mayor of Liverpool and a discussion on credit union development at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

ABCUL Head of Member Services Rosanna Donovan said: “Our exciting partnership with Georgia Credit Union Affiliates is only a year old, but we’re already seeing tremendous benefits not only for the credit unions that have formed direct partnerships with counterparts in Georgia, but also through the insights, ideas and experiences shared at our conferences and events which all our members gain from. We look forward to more shared learning and exchanges of ideas in the years to come.”

GCUA’s President and CEO Mike Mercer addressed the 2016 ABCUL Annual Conference, and President and CEO of Peach State Federal Credit Union Marshall Boutwell spoke at this year’s gathering in Manchester. In exchange, ABCUL Chief Executive Mark Lyonette addressed last year’s GCUA Annual Convention in Savanna, and a British credit union delegation spent time in Georgia last October.

In the State of Georgia, 114 credit unions serve more than 2.1 million members, and have combined assets of over £17.6 billion. In Britain, 330 credit unions serve more than 1.2 million members and have combined assets of over £1.4 billion.

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