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Plane Saver launch automated SMS Survey


08 Sep 17

Like many other Credit Unions, Plane Saver has encountered difficultly to respond to real time members’ needs at the time they provide feedback due to the survey being annually conducted.

In order to counteract this and offer our members the best possible service Plane Saver has introduced an automated SMS Survey. In order to help us to action and address our member’s recommendations and improve the timeline towards planning decisions.

With the help of two of their service providers, Plane Saver have designed a tool to capture member feedback after every phone call received. Using this member centric approach means Plane Saver will receive continuous live feedback, allowing them to adjust their products and services to meet member needs.

Since launching the SMS survey, Plane Saver have obtained over 95% positive feedback, with one member commenting: “the staff are very friendly and brightened my day”.

The primary reason for introducing the survey is to find out what needs improvement, and to be able to reach out to unsatisfied members.

Plane Saver’s customer service manager, Claudia Ashcroft, added: “We recently received negative feedback from an unhappy member; I was able to view which member it was and call him personally to discuss it further, resolving the matter immediately. He was so happy that I made the effort to call him back to see if there was anything we could do, and that wouldn’t have been possible without the survey”.

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