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Emergency appeal to support co-ops devastated by floods and hurricanes


13 Sep 17

The last month has seen devastating floods in south-east Asia followed by hurricanes across the Caribbean. With livelihoods, buildings and in some cases whole areas destroyed, action needs to be taken for both short term relief and long-term reconstruction.

Co-operatives UK, of which ABCUL is part of the board to build links across co-operatives, aims to help those affected countries with long-term reconstruction efforts. A £50,000 donation has already been pledged by the Co-op Group.

Co-operatives UK secretary general Ed Mayo said: “Co-operatives can play a key role in this economic development, as proved over the last two decades in disaster-torn areas. When the TV cameras leave and emergency relief dries up, it is local organisations like co-operatives and credit unions that are sustainable ways to meet people’s needs. Co-ops support new infrastructure, homes and livelihoods.”

Read more about the UK appeal here.

How to donate

Notify Co-operatives UK of your intention to donate to the emergency fund by emailing indicating:

- The amount your co-op would like to donate

- Whether there is a preference to contribute to development in South East Asia or the Caribbean

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