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6Towns Credit Union embraces digital marketing to reach younger members


29 Sep 17

Around two years ago 6 Towns reviewed their marketing activity which saw them spending a lot of time working in the community with a physical presence to increase their membership growth. However, when they decided to become more active on social media they saw a rapid change in their membership demographics.

80% of new members are under 40 and even more under 50 therefore 6 Towns has moved all its marketing online using social media. This is now their preferred route to inform existing and potential members about their services.

In the past 12 months figures show that 96% of the credit union’s new members now join online whilst 99% of loan applications are done the same way.

A Facebook page and YouTube account was set up and now the credit union try to be as active as possible by posting videos on the Facebook site so that members feel better connected to them and other credit unions can access their output and find inspiration.

Malcolm Keyte, Business Development Manager for 6Towns , said: “I have long been aware that 'Traditional' marketing methods no longer have the same impact that they did 10 years ago and we now require a greater understanding of social media and online marketing to engage with younger members and attract Millennials.

“There are huge benefits of being active on social media: I can gather important statistics about our marketing through data analytics which gives me all information I need to position future marketing efforts. A word of warning, though: social media is not a 9 - 5 job and does require someone to post early morning or in the evening to get the full impact.”

You can access 6 towns YouTube account and Facebook channel online.

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