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Michael Sheen encourages people to join Credit Unions


17 Oct 17

The Welsh Hollywood actor and long-time supporter of credit unions, Michael Sheen, has released a video message emphasising the benefits of credit unions for International Credit Union Day. The video is a simple message Michael setting out why credit unions are great, why he’s a member and encouraging people to join via the Find Your Credit Union website.

Michael comes from Port Talbot in South Wales where he was raised with a firm belief in the cooperative movement; he is a member of his local credit union and is a strong advocate for credit unions in general  as well as campaigning on issues relating to debt and poverty. Last year he helped promote the Say No to Debt Row campaign, which aims to highlight the issue of debt in Wales and to promote credit unions as a responsible alternative source of credit.

He also, helped the Wales Co-operative Centre launch Community Shares Wales. In April he became the patron of Social Enterprise UK, the trade body for social enterprises across the country. And in July he attended the annual Co-operative Congress in Wakefield, organised by Co-operatives UK.

Mr Sheen is a very enthusiastic promoter of International Credit Union day all around the globe to raise awareness of the credit union movement. He is keen to see the video shared widely in order to have maximum benefit for increasing credit union membership.  The video can be accessed on the ABCUL YouTube channel, here.

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