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Salford Credit Union joins ABCUL


03 Nov 17

Everyone at ABCUL is delighted to welcome the credit union which will join the North West Forum.  The credit union serves people in the City of Salford and parts of North Manchester and Prestwich.

Sheila Murtagh Chief Executive Officer at Salford Credit Union said : “The main reason we joined ABCUL is to help us achieve our ambitions around growth and serving more people locally. We have recently improved our products and processes significantly and we want to ensure that the capacity of our team- staff and volunteers (including Directors) is improved too, by more regular training and knowledge sharing. The resources that ABCUL offer should help us on our improvement journey.”

Salford Credit Union have improved their marketing this year and have been involved in the Sound Pound campaign amongst other Greater Manchester credit unions.

Shelia has said about their work recently: “We’ve improved our marketing over the last year- running our first week of Awareness last October and then our second one this year- which was part of the Greater Manchester Sound Pound initiative. We had a series of pop up events across the city including a Zombie Flash mob in Eccles! As a result of all this extra PR - and the BBC programmes- we have seen a constant increase in membership and wider interest.”

You can access a video of the zombie flash mob here.

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