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Norwich Credit Union feature on BBC News Look East


16 Feb 18

This week the Norwich credit union (NCU) featured as the first item on BBC News Look East where a member and credit union President Jon Warne described the benefits of joining a credit union. The news feature was another powerful example of how a credit union supports their members through hard financial times.

A loyal member from Norwich Credit Union, Emma Copeman, told her story of being in a £3000 overdraft that she found very difficult to get out of. Emma had lost her job and with a new born baby was relieved to find Norwich Credit Union so willing to help  her get out of financial trouble and get her life back on track.

Speaking about getting into debt Emma said: “It’s very easy to extend your overdraft with banks especially on internet banking. It can be just the click of a button sometimes.” When Emma came to the credit union she knew she was in the right place to move forward with her life.  She said:  “When I came to Norwich Credit Union they really helped me sort myself out and was very understanding of the situation I was in.”

Emma has now repaid her overdraft and credit union loan and has become financially secure by starting to build savings.  She is looking forward to her future.

NCU President, Jon Warne, was interviewed in the BBC studio and discussed how joining a credit union helps members create saving habits and become financially responsible. Jon said: “One of the main fundamentals of a credit union is to teach its members to be responsible with borrowing and saving.”

Norwich Credit Union is planning to expand to encompass the county of Norfolk.  In order to do this efficiently over large areas, they plan on delivering more of their services online.  This will involve the ability to identify members online to allow members to join and borrow online.  

Since the news feature there has been an increase in applications received to join NCU and website hits have spiked since the credit unions news slot.

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