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London Plus Credit Union launches new fully integrated debit card and online banking App.


16 Feb 18

London Plus Credit Union is celebrating the successful launch of a fully integrated contactless card. The MasterCard debit card is directly linked to members’ accounts, so the days of needing to ‘top up’ will be a distant memory. This follows their online banking and mobile app launch in October, through which members can manage payments and apply for loans. London Plus has worked with Progress Systems and Optimus to provide these new products and services.

Tom Owens, Director of Progress said, “In today’s competitive financial services market, use of technology is key. Progress Systems are delighted to have implemented online banking along with the Integrated Debit Card Project with London plus Credit Union through the Optimus Platform’.”

Julie Wilson, CEO of Optimus said, “We are committed to building a strong relationship with London Plus to ensure they can continue to offer first class products and services to their members. We are proud to be able to offer credit unions a fully operational, real time contactless debit card that helps them to remain competitive”.

London Plus Credit Union state that over 60% of all their members transactions are now online and members can get transfers done 80% faster. Currently, nearly half of their members are using the credit union’s online services because of the speed, ease and convenience.

London Plus Chief Executive, Cheryl Gale said, ‘’Understanding the need for credit unions to deliver innovative services to our members was a positive that came from being part of CUEP. Our members love the quality and simplicity of our online banking; over 60% of transactions are now processed online. The contactless debit card works exactly as any high street bank card and being fully integrated means that we are becoming a one stop shop for all our members.’’

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