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Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham to be a special guest speaker at 2018 ABCUL Annual Conference


16 Feb 18

ABCUL is delighted to add Andy Burnham to the agenda of the 2018 ABCUL Annual Conference. The Greater Manchester Mayor has been a strong supporter of the credit union movement.The Mayor will be a special guest speaker on Friday 16 March. He has been a supporter of credit unions and in particular those in Greater Manchester. He is a member of his local credit union.

Andy became Greater Manchester’s first elected mayor under the new regional devolution deal in May 2017. He was formerly MP for Leigh and held numerous ministerial positions in the Labour governments of the 2000s including Secretary of State for Health and Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport.

Andy promises a new era of economic localism and a dynamic response to long-standing issues of economic injustice. He is a member of the Co-operative Party and is committed to supporting the development of co-operatives as a means of delivering better economic and social outcomes for the people of Greater Manchester. 

He has highlighted issues of financial inclusion and over-indebtedness in his first months as mayor and has been a supporter of the SoundPound alliance of credit unions across Greater Manchester.

SoundPound aims for credit unions in Greater Manchester to take on national lenders and show people there is an ethical, local alternative that could save borrowers thousands of pounds. In support of SoundPound, Andy said: “Our community credit unions are the local, ethical alternative to the high-interest payday loan companies and loan sharks.

“I hope even more people in Greater Manchester will sign up to their local credit union and show that there is a real, local, alternative when it comes to saving and borrowing.”

More than 50,000 people in Greater Manchester are already members of one of the SoundPound partners, currently borrowing a total value of £14 million in loans. Members currently hold savings of £24 million with SoundPound credit unions.

ABCUL members who have joined the campaign are: Hoot Credit Union, South Manchester Credit Union, Salford Credit Union, and Cashbox Credit Union.

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