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Chief Executive of Local accountancy firm describes positive impact of Credit Union Service for employees


02 Mar 18

Caerphilly’s Smart Money Credit Union is offering its services to a local accountancy agency and the CEO is delighted with the positive results in her workplace.

The Number Hub is an innovative, multi award-winning accountancy agency that focuses on improving customer experience through a user-led approach. Chief Executive, Marsha Ward had been searching for a business that offers great employee benefits and the option of a savings scheme that will help employees become financially responsible.

Marsha attended a meeting of local businesses in Caerphilly hosted by local credit unions and following the meeting Marsha invited a member of the Smart Money Credit Union to meet her team to discuss the simplicity of saving via the credit union and the payroll deduction partnership was soon established.

Marsha was looking for a financial service to help out her staff which aligns with the culture of their business. She said:  “The option to offer a savings scheme at source to our team seemed a great way of offering a service to them, without adversely affecting our bottom line". 

The Number Hub has reported that they now find it easier to attract and retain employees which lowers recruitment costs and increases productivity.

In addition morale has improved greatly.  Improving the quality of the work, flexible opportunities and enhancing their benefits package; have all helped immensely. Confidence has been a resulting growth area too.  Employees appear to be much more confident both in the work they are doing, and in the role they play in achieving the organisations goals. 

On the impact of the credit union for her business’ standing, Marsha said: "By reducing outside pressures, we have been able to help create a focused team and have recently been awarded the Leading level of the Exemplar Employer Award by Chwarae Teg.  In part, our partnership with our local credit union helped us to achieve this by enabling us to demonstrate action towards our Community and Sustainability policies".

Marsha now firmly believes that the common view that offering flexible benefits provision to your employees will somehow weaken your business is outdated and without foundation.  She added: “We are here to prove that our approach works.  We are keen to drive this message out to other employers - including our own clients - that a credit union is a great option to add to your benefits package".



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